Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A One Week Room

I have love for all interiors and all colors, but I know what I can and can't live with in my world.  You know what I mean?  This is a room that I could spend about one week in (vacation).  I imagined it to be in a hotel suite somewhere in France.  I was thinking old world bumps into modern lux.

Once again, this is set up in the short walled box (6 " ceiling height), which makes it hard to utilize windows and doors, but I'm working on it.  

I hope to make as many things as I can, because for me, that's a major part of the attraction.  I'm hitting thrift shops (and actually finding furniture that needs MUCH love), the dollar stores, Target $1 bins and re-purposing items.

This was my second room, and at the time I had NO IDEA, I'll repeat that, NO IDEA that I'd be posting pictures.  The armoire needs handles and needs a second coat of paint along with the fireplace, but like I said..... NO IDEA!   So now, I'll try to take better pictures or at least make sure the project is finished.  The armoire was a thrift shop find.  Hobby Lobby fireplace (brand new to our area) and I got the chair online but changed the fabric.  Do I really have to remember where I got this stuff?  I'm old and have to save my memory for the really important stuff!   The tables, lamp, pillow, bed and bedding were made by me (man, if you could only see the mess under that comforter).  The sequin ottoman was a tape measure from Pier I and I added beads for legs.  Let's see....Jim's Printables for books and magazines (was I supposed to create a link here?) and some accessories from the thrift shop, Michael's and some home made stuff.  I thought I was "the bomb" after making the perfume bottles!  They're just so cute!

I don't intend to be this chatty, and I'll cut down on words once I get going (I think).


  1. How cute...I have a similar box and never thought about using it that way. Love the little silver cat on the bed...you can rave on as much or as little as you want, we just enjoy the sharing!

  2. So glamorous. I love the sequin ottoman, I can't believe it was a tape measurer. So cool!

  3. Nothing like my personal style, but it's fun to play. Pier 1 is one of my favorite stores and I've found quite a few cool things to use in the mini realm.

  4. Thank you, bling is something that makes me do a double take!