Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Garden Room

This room was inspired by the plastic plant square that I picked up at the dollar store during Easter.  I thought it would make a great plant wall, but this isn't the room I envisioned, so I will make another attempt at a later date, (TRANSLATION: you'll be seeing this plastic plant square again).  I finally got around to making my first sofa and attempted to follow the tutorial by Pepper of MitchyMooMiniatures, but I detoured (almost immediately) from the tutorial because I suck at following directions, but it was a great guide. I used foam core and wood, and the wood was pre-cut, so it actually turned out to be a love seat.  I need WAY more practice and I think I'll really try to stick to the tutorial next time (I'm sure it'll save a lot of time)!  The credenza is a pimped out iPhone box. The coffee table is a bracelet topped with a mirror.  The wall mirror is a painted purse handle.  The chairs are CB2 painted chrome.  The purple table is a hair product top. The assorted flower vases are pen parts. The white hanging pendant is made from paper.  The rug is a napkin.  I replaced the back of the Lekman box with a wine rack.  My favorite thing of all are the colorful wine bottles that I ordered from an eBay seller in China and couldn't wait to get.  Paper and accessories are from Michael's and HBS Miniatures.  Well, I think that covers it.

Welcome to a few new followers!  It's always exciting when someone joins in! I can never believe that someone actually interested in seeing what I'm doing.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!   Beany

Monday, July 16, 2012

Poolside Livin'

Recently, I purchased a huge Moroccan style lantern from Z Gallerie for the patio and I thought it would make a great cabana for a mini scene.  Stop, let me start over, but with the truth:  I already owned a smaller version of this lantern and wanted to do a scene in it, but there wasn't much floor space, so I bought the larger one because it had twice the floor space, but of course, it will go on the patio with the smaller one, so, yeah, I bought it for the patio. :)

Summer is my favorite season!  I love hanging out at the pool and I love going to the beach.  I could lounge 24/7, but work prohibits that.  But, every weekend I'm chillaxin' poolside or ocean side!

I took three sets of pictures; outdoors in the sun, outdoors in the shade and indoors.  I'm starting with the outdoor pictures taken in the sun and I hope you can get past the shadows, background and cut out pattern on the walls.  It may be a little distracting, but I think it's interesting. I'll end with the indoor shots, with white paper behind the cut-outs, so you can see what's actually in the room.  I should probably start with those pictures first, but I don't like them. Does anyone else take 50 pictures only to post a few?

Postcard of Laguna Beach, our favorite beach and hangout spot.

This one was taken in the shade.

These were taken indoors with no distractions.

The lounger, ceiling fan and zebra print pillow are by me.  The floor is a cut up beach mat.  The floating shelf is a box. The mirror is a picture frame. I used cheesecloth for the sheers.  Accessories are items from HBS Miniatures, Michael's, doll accessories and local shop finds.

I hope you're in a summer frame of mind!  As always, I had fun with it!

Until next time, Beany.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Greetings all,
I love my lush, plush, long-haired Mongolian lamb pillow from West Elm! It's been with me for about five years.  I keep it in my bedroom to insure its safety from spilled drinks, the cat, the humans and the floor.  Yep, I love this pillow!  So I was running my fingers through it one night, as I often do, and I was thinking about how cool it would be to have a wall like this.  Well, of course, all things are possible in the mini world.  I removed the back from the Lekman box and taped the pillow case to the box and immediately loved it.  I want my own shaggy wall!

The wood grain paper is from Michael's.  I tinted the window with a yellow notebook divider. The rug is a gift bag.  I made the pendants using needle craft grids and lined them with paper. The table lamp base is the lid to a perfume bottle.  The African mask is a key chain mounted on a bamboo coaster and the African statute is a chess piece from my hub's collection.  The large vases are pen parts from Michael's (they have a great assortment and I bought a bunch of these, so you'll be seeing these often because I love big vases).  The flowers are from the yard.  The side table is a candle holder from the thrift store and the coffee tables are painted wooden cubes with acrylic tops.  The fireplace crystals are seed beads.  The mounted boxes are part of a set from minisx2.  The sofa and pillows are by me and the accessories are craft store finds.

While I was working on this post, my scene was violently disrupted by an earthquake (my big clumsy husband!)  Here are shots of the aftermath.  This had to be a 7.5 on the Richter scale!  It could have been so much worse, but luckily I had puttied most of the items in place so I could take the box outside for pictures.

I'm so glad I made a ledge at the bottom of the fireplace!
Until next time, Beany.
Have a great and safe July 4th!