Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Loft in the "Loft to Love" House

Hola! In my last post I said I'd show pictures of the loft section in the "Loft to Love" house at a later time, because I was going to make some changes.  Well, I didn't make the changes I had in mind, but I did do a few things. I added some greenery since I was itching to try the tutorial for snake plants that Mini Mod Pod posted. Her instructions were easy to follow and I could do it while I was watching TV, so over the course of several days, I made four snake plants. I got excited about the outcome and attempted to make a tropical plant, but the leaves were too narrow since I was using floral tape, so the leaves on my hybrid (bird of paradise/banana tree?) look like they need a healthy dose of plant food. I'll be attempting to make this plant again using crepe paper and my hopes are high!
In addition to adding plants, I changed the "bedspread", added a pillow, a hanging plant and masks on the wall. So now I can move on to something else. It takes me forever to do a room because I'll set up the big stuff and then I usually make and gather the little stuff as time permits. I tweak and re-tweak and finally I'll take a lot of bad pictures. Then I want to leave the room up to enjoy it a little before tearing it down, and I leave it... and leave it... and leave it some more. I finally get to the point where I can't tear it down fast enough!  Anyone else do that? I keep telling myself to just do a wall or a corner or vignettes. You know, keep it simple and keep it movin'. So far, it hasn't worked.

You can see my real snake plant through the window

So, here's the stuff: The headboard is a thrift shop trivet painted white; the bedspread is a dish cloth; the armoire and basket are thrift shop finds;the African "masks" are pendants; the plants, plant hanger, tote bags, black pillows, yarn "juju hat" are by me. I used trim to make the totes and pillows.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Later for now,  Beany.