Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Mardi Gras! Pardi Gras! Fat Tuesday! Carnival!

Mini* Aesthetics put out a challenge to create a scene representing a holiday or observance in the month of February, and I chose MARDI GRAS!  I went to high school in New Orleans and I always looked forward to Mardi Gras!  Even though I've only experienced the G-rated, family version, it was great fun to attend the parades with family and friends.  Some day I plan to get back down there to experience the X R-rated version. :)  We like to attend the Bayou Festival and the Crawfish Festival in Long Beach, CA, during the summer to get a little "Nawlins" flavor.  It's a good time with some great Zydeco bands with a little Zydeco two-steppin', good food and New Orleans steppers dressed in traditional Mard Gras colors (purple, green and gold) that parade around the venue.  We've also gone down to San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter a couple of times for their celebration.  Today we're headed to the Farmer's Market in L.A. for their celebration.  
                                                        I love me some Mardi Gras!

  I really don't care to work with assistants because they always have issues, especially these creative types, but what's a float without riders?  So, meet my Krewe:

I know him as Lil Man.  His only concern was that he preferred to wear purple instead of green because green did nothing for his complexion.  Once I explained that I couldn't pull a switch because there wasn't enough green fabric to cover-up Big Boy, he was cool and happy to be there.  Such a sweetheart!

  She calls herself Butterfly (already reason to raise an eyebrow).  Butterfly rocks a tatted, bald head and she didn't want to wear the wig.  It went against her individuality and her creative spirit and she didn't want to look like everyone else... blah, blah, blah!   I told her it was my float, my design, my vision, and my vision had hair in it, lots of hair, dreadlocks!  So she just needed to shut-up, put on  the wig, stand up straight, and just wave and smile... just wave and smile....

OMG!  Big Boy!  Mr. I'm-too-sexy-for-my-shirt clothes!  He wanted to stand on the float (you see how big he is), NUDE, just wearing a hat and a mask!  I flipped!  Are you nuts?!  I told him it wasn't that kind of party and he better pull the stick out of his A BUTT (referring to the stand), sit his A BUTT down, and put some clothes on (you see he conveniently left his pants at home.)  This is what I was workin' with and this is why I don't use assistants!

from Beany and Richie

Monday, February 4, 2013

Glamboyance in Pink and Orange!

Help! Is this a Barbie world?  Not knockin' Barbie, but it's just soooo GIRL-Y!  But, I do believe that every living room should have a white sofa!

The stuff:  The sectional  is Kaleidoscope.  The table is a coaster on top of a bottle lid. The pillows, throw and ottoman are by me.   The fireplace is from HBS, mounted on "stainless steel" paper.  The floor is cork printed contact paper and the rug is a gift bag. The orange flower was cut from a calendar.  The wall art was made with Martha Stewart cut outs.  The clear chair is a wedding favor.  The tall floor vase is a pen part.  (I love these pens from Michael's, all kinds of designs for $1.50).  The mirrors are lids to jewelry boxes from Pier I.  The hanging lamp is half of a large plastic Easter egg.  The red desk came with a set of very cheap furniture that I purchased years ago and just found.  The wooden box under the desk is a napkin ring from Crate and Barrel. Accessory items include charms, dollhouse and wood items from Hobby Lobby.

It's always so exciting to see a new follower or two, so thank you for joining!

I need to go de-tox now from all the pink!  Beany