Friday, February 16, 2018

My First Miniatures Show!

I finally made it to the Tom Bishop show in Anaheim, CA last month.  I was blown away! So much talent! There were only a couple of vendors selling MCM and modern style furniture and accessories, but still!! The talent!!  I spent most of my money on handmade ceramic vases (so cute), but I also picked up some furniture (sectional, two chairs and a bookcase), clay flower pots, a throw, a painting and an LED lamp.

This light blue sectional and the bookcase were purchases I made at the show.  The sectional was only $6.00 and I bought it with the intention of recovering it, but I thought I'd use it in a scene first since it's such a pretty blue and I figured I wouldn't be able to do as nice a job when I get around to recovering it. Oh, and I need to put legs/feet on the sectional. Now I feel like I should have bought more sectionals--I mean three pieces for $6.00? NEVER. AGAIN.

I'm using the Target "Loft to Love" house for this scene.  I removed the loft section and the stairs near the window.  Sometimes I have a vision for who's living in the space and I'm pretty sure a single young lady lives here since, in my opinion, it's feeling fresh, light and girly, and not because I was an old-lady-snoop-with-no-life and checked the mail box! Tell me what you think.

The stuff: iPad mini box for the "tiled" fireplace / table by Kaleidoscope / credenza is a painted Lori piece from Target / books by PRD, Phillip Nuveen and me / sectional and bookcase from the Miniatures Show / odds and ends from thrift stores, HBS, Etsy and me / floor lamp by me / credenza lamp from Insta: @aweebitteeny (who I had the pleasure of meeting at the show).