Sunday, January 12, 2014

Golden Glow

It's 2014!  Happy New Year people!

I must say I'm disappointed that I didn't get around to doing a Christmas scene.  I bought the stuff and never got around to it.  I did the same thing last year, so I've got two Christmas scenes to do. Maybe I'll work on them and take the pics and at least have them ready for this year.......HA HA, well it sounds good.

This room was inspired by Target's Nate Berkus Collection.  I practically live in Target because it's a block from work and I spend much of my lunch times there. What I like about his collection is the masculine feel, earthy tones, use of natural materials and tribal patterns, but what really gets my blood going is his use of GOLD to liven up the party!  I've always been a "golden" girl when it comes to home accessories, but it seems to have disappeared for a while and now it's back!

Ooops, that's my red plaid farmer shirt in the mirror.  It's nice
 and warm, but I don't wear  it out of the house, really, I don't!

The stuff:  IKEA Lekman Box.  Grass cloth walls (leftover paper from my dining room, turned out great! Lowe's).  Floor (leftover tiles from my bathroom, also turned out great! Lowe's). Rug, piece of patterned felt-Michael's.  The wall unit is a bamboo organizer-Container Store. I made the fireplace from a box, craft foam, and a stone image from the Internet.  The vases on the mantel are painted pen parts.  I made the sofa and I've used it before, pillows also by me. The coffee table is made from wood pieces.  I purchased this beautiful little gold chair from CufflinksCowboyBoots shop on Etsy.  The table beside the chair is a painted plastic center that comes in the pizza box. The bowl holding the plants on the coffee table was cut out from plastic that held 4 pieces of chocolate candy. The mirror is part of a hoop earring with a mirror glued to the back. The gold trees are cut from a larger branch from Michael's and the planters are empty K cups made for the Keurig coffee makers.  The art over the sofa is a postcard.  The accessories are a mix of HBS, Michael's, thrift shops and me.

Hello and thank you to a few new followers!  I'm really going to try to post more this year.  I have so many excuses I can use for not producing, but I'll just keep them to myself and try to work on doing better. We'll see how it goes!

Until next time, later (but hopefully sooner) - Beany.
Blessings to all of you for the new year!