Sunday, September 2, 2012

Martha's in the House!

I've been seeing the Martha Stewart craft line for a while now, but I had never stopped to investigate it.  While I was shopping for paper in an independent craft store, I asked about the Martha Stewart paper punches and the owner graciously gave me a demo and let me try it. It was very easy to use and this particular punch can be used on a full sheet of paper instead of just creating borders. I was sold and I bought two full sheet punches and one border punch.  I have a tendency to overdo everything. I see some great potential with these punches in creating wallpaper, furniture, accessories, wall art, etc.  So, you know what that means?  Yep, you'll be seeing them at work again!  

The stuff:  The flooring is a place mat.  Wall panels were made with the Martha Stewart paper punch by punching a row of white paper and backing it with black paper.  The table base is a painted candle holder (the original color was orange, so why in the world would I paint it chrome when the chairs are orange AND it's my favorite color?  Well, I wanted it to match the chair legs, but it would have had more punch if I'd just left it alone, oh well!)  The acrylic shelves are storage containers.  The zebra print vase is covered with Sally Hansen's Salon Effects. The chairs are painted CB2 chairs and I used the greenhouse from IKEA. The accessories are dollhouse, craft store & thrift store finds along with some homemade stuff.

I'd like to welcome a few new followers!  I appreciate you being here and I hope you enjoy what you see. 

Enjoy the Labor Day Holiday (US followers)!.........Beany