Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Soulful Notes

I finally got around to using my big, clunky, made-for-a-three-year-old, dollhouse.  I had been wanting to do a music room so I bought a saxophone and I already had some key chain guitars (which I didn't use), but the project came to a screeching halt after I priced a grand piano.  "YOU WANT WHAT?"  Well, on one of my  frequent thrift shop runs, I scored a piano music box for a mere $1.48!!! (and it actually works)  The project was on and crackin'!

This music room belongs to an accomplished musician and songwriter.  You wouldn't recognize him on the street, but he's well known in the industry and has played with some major names.  He works in a variety of music genres, but for his own listening pleasure, he favors soulful R&B, jazz and reggae (his favorites are hanging on the wall).  I'd venture to say that you've probably heard something of his very recently.  Yes, I think you have.

He likes to surround himself in warm colors, texture, and a bit of global exotica. (Is this about him or me?)

Is that you, Mr. Musician/songwriter?  See what I mean? I don't recognize him.

This is the dollhouse I used

I love exotic furniture, so I bought these lights to deconstruct to make doors, dividers, tables, wall hangings...   For the shelving unit, I used the back of a thrift store dresser and I attached two of these panels.  I made the upper shelves, painted them (already had paint that matched perfectly) and also attached them to the dresser.

Here's the stuff:
Sofa - Kalaidescope  (love it! love it! tempted to use it in every scene.  REALLY.)
Table - Etsy
Pillows - HBS (large) and me (small)
African heads - chess pieces
Piano - thrift store music box, spray painted white
Piano bench - me
Guitar - Michael's
Saxophone - HBS
Accessories - HBS, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Etsy, me
Textured wall - place mat
Floor - contact paper
Walls - scrap book paper
Glass patterned window - thrift store

Welcome to a couple of new followers!  A new follower always excites me, so thanks for joining me in my miniventures!

Stay cool.  Beany