Thursday, July 25, 2013

Seeking Metropolis

Life in the big city, or not!  I've always thought it would be so cool to live in the heart of  a big city, but I guess I'm destined to live and thrive in suburbia.  So, I brought the skyscrapers indoors.  I printed out a picture from the Internet and pieced six pictures together to create a ceiling to floor, wall to wall city scape. 

This coaster on the wall is metallic and reflective, but doesn't
show  in the pics, unfortunate, because it's really beautiful..

The paper is fan folded for dimension, but, once again,
 it doesn't really show in the pics.

I was tempted to retake the pictures, because I didn't capture it like I wanted, but no time.  I'm off to the BAHAMAS for a week!  YEA BABY!  Leaving tomorrow!

The stuff:
Love seat - Minis x 2
Coffee table - an upside down elephant stamp from World Market
Chandelier - Bauble from Michael's
Zig Zag chair - HBS
Floor - Wooden place mat from Target
Cabinet - iPhone box (I've used this before)
Vases - pen grips and something used in the electrical world (the black one)
Skyscrapers - picture from Internet
Art over the cabinet - coaster from Z Gallerie
Accessories- HBS, Michael's, Hobby Lobby and me

Until next time, Beany.