Monday, April 14, 2014

Outdoor Living

I visited a couple of nurseries in Laguna Beach last month and boy did I leave there inspired!  Not only in the real world , but also in the mini world.  There were themed rooms set up in the nurseries that I could live in and I picked up some great ideas (a lot like touring model homes!) I don't consider myself a gardener, but I do love beautiful outdoor spaces.  So, after being all inspired, we started sprucing up with more flowers and plants, and I have to say it's made a big difference.  As part of my sprucing up plan, I added a shelf to my back patio and purchased a greenhouse from Hobby Lobby (perfect for a little garden scene) to add to the shelf.  I thought I'd try to duplicate a mini version of one of the spaces I saw, but it's turned out to be a combination of a couple of spaces I saw, ideas from my own outdoor spaces and then, of course, things come to you after you get started.  Scenes seem to morph into something very different than the original vision. After looking at the photos, I can also picture a fully loaded bookshelf out here. I placed some ferns in the background to give it some fabulushness.

Ooops, toilet paper roll alert! Should have covered that with moss... next time!

The stuff:  Greenhouse, garden bench, plant stand, chair, lanterns - Hobby Lobby.  Sofa - part of Kaleidoscope sectional. Floor - my favorite brick paper. Plant wall and hanging "lamp" are made with ribbon moss. Mirror - painted dollhouse window backed with mirror. Mantel - made from old trellis.  Plants & accessories - several craft stores, thrift shops, HBS, and me.

Oh yeah, the lanterns light up! (My first lights in a scene, pretty cool)

Until next time......Beany