Saturday, April 13, 2013

Turquoise & Brick

Orange is my favorite color, but I'm having this little love affair with turquoise, which just so happens to look fantastic with orange!  So I've been having a great time hunting for items as I incorporate turquoise into the mix and it's turning out quite nicely. There's so much great stuff out there and I want it all!  Now, back to the minis... I used this brick paper in my first post and I knew I'd use it again, and guess what, this won't be the last time you see it. In fact, I could do every scene with this paper, but I'll spare you.  So, the inspiration for this scene was a beautiful little beaded turquoise evening bag that I spotted at the thrift store.  It took some time before I had the heart to destroy it and it's not the only thing I cut up for the sake of this post.  I also amputated a doll  for her arm to make a jewelry stand, also from the thrift shop, but I chose one that was in really bad shape so I wouldn't feel guilty about depriving some sweet little girl of a new doll.  Now on with the show!

The stuff in my Lekman box:  
Bed - brass, painted white - ebay
Bedspread - napkin - Pier I
Headboard - evening bag - thrift store
Chair - Dollhouse Collectibles, I silver-leafed the frame
Dresser - makeover (last post) - thrift store
Rug - cut small squares from a chess board rug,Target
Tables - Jonathan Adler mirrored tables - CufflinksCowboyBoots - Etsy 
Bookcase, wall decor, most accessories, lamps - me
Some accessories from Michaels and Hobby Lobby

Hope you enjoyed the pics and welcome to a couple of new followers!