Sunday, October 19, 2014

This House is Huge!

I've been wanting a dollhouse for a while because I wanted doorways, windows, ceilings, angles, nooks and crannies to stage rooms in (it's called dollhouse envy). I've been scouring yard sales, Craigslist and thrift stores looking for one.  WELL, I found one....a HUGE one on Craigslist. The dimensions weren't listed and I didn't think to ask, so when I saw this monstrosity, I wanted to turn around and run! The base measures 2' x 3' and I'm tempted to buy a utility cart with wheels because it takes two people to move it (not that heavy, just very awkward).  BUT, it was only $100 and a box of furniture was thrown in.  OK, my thoughts are that 1) someday I'll have a permanent spot for it 2) it was only $100 3) it has eight rooms to play in 4) I'll have a real project 5) lots of playtime 6) again, the price 7) the rooms are a decent size and 8) I can get rid of it any time I want. The seller didn't know if it was built from a kit or if it was an original design, and I haven't researched it, so if anyone recognizes it, let me know. I know the second floor hallway near the stairwell is not to scale but I can't do anything about that.  It has eight rooms and an attic for storage. I might possibly dabble with lighting, although I'm intimidated by it, so I might do some creative cheating with the lighting (for sure! cheating) and I'll eventually repaint the exterior. Well, I'm anxious to get started and I have some ideas for the interior.  I think I'm going "modern global" to include African, Indian, Moroccan, and Asian decor with a lot of natural elements, (a well-traveled professor and his design addict wife owns this house, tee-hee).  I'M SO EXCITED!

Where shall I start?