Friday, August 12, 2016

My New House

HELLO! FINALLY! Where have you all been? I've missed you and thought about you often!
A lot has happened in the last 15 months--LIFE! I retired in July 2015, and the hubby and I have done some traveling to some fun cities in the U.S. and in the Caribbean. We've also been making some changes around here to make it more "resort like" since I'm on permanent vacay and hubby's off during the summers. Things haven't been all fun and games around here though, because that's just not how life works. Am I right? But I try to stay positive even while I'm working through the crap, so I'll just spare you all the "ugly".

So, even though you all have been gone for awhile :), I've still been making and thinking minis.  I had completed most of the rooms in my huge house, and by that I mean the walls, floors and large pieces of furniture were in place, but I was working on the little details because I like little details! Well, we needed to use our spare bedroom that my house was set up in, so I packed up everything and put the house in the shed.  The bedroom has now been available for three months, but I haven't felt like hauling that monstrosity of a house back in. So, about two months ago I finally purchased the "Loft to Love" house from Target.  I had been eyeballing this house since Christmas. Had it been in the toy section, I never would have seen it, but at my Target store it was displayed on an end cap right across from the food section, so I saw it every time I went in (at least three times a week).  Anyone else do their grocery shopping at Target? I don't know what took me so long to buy it, and for only $49.99. I love it! I've graduated from the IKEA Lekman! (not really). I'm definitely loving the style, size and the portability. It has a loft area and brown kitchen appliances were included. I might have to paint the interior white, paint the appliances, remove the yellow pendant lights and replace the front door. There are all kinds of possibilities with this house. The ladies at Modern Mini Houses and Call of the Small have purchased this house and have some great pictures of it.

Here are some pics of the lower level. I'll share the loft next time since I feel some changes in the air.

The stuff:  I made the sofa, pillows, console table, white floor vase, coral, necklaces, two large plants. The black floor and little rug are made from place mats.  The bookshelf is from  IKEA. The plant stand is a napkin ring. The coffee table and wall shelf are by Patie of minisx2 (Etsy). The wood side table is a stamp of an elephant turned upside down (Cost Plus). The "coral" is made from a sea sponge painted white. The tall branches and table branches are from the back yard. Other little accessories are from the thrift shop, Hobby Lobby, HBS and Dollar store. Throw and rug are pieces of fabric.

Okay now, don't be strangers! This took FOREVER since I forgot how to navigate the blog and forgot to save and had to retype some things. I even forgot how to use my camera 'cause I use my phone 24/7. Can't let this happen again.

That's it for now.....Beany