Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Greenhouse

I was sitting on the patio enjoying a beautiful spring day when I focused in on my hurricane jar with a candle and jar filler.   I reverted to the mini world and started thinking about the things I could do with the stuff in the jar.  At the same time, I was also wanting to do something with the glass greenhouse I had just purchased from IKEA, after seeing it at Mini*Aesthetics last month.  It's a great looking little house that looks very sophisticated on a bookshelf. 

The stuff

What a cute little house!

Back wall is the shipping foam the house was packed in,
the picture is a greeting card

I made the sofa and pillows

The floor is corrugated cardboard

The wood "credenza" is a candle holder from the thrift store.
The plants are real, accept for the engineered palm tree.

Did you find everything? 
The "stuff":  Hanging pendants, coffee table, palm tree,
white pillows, items on credenza (driftwood and shell flower pot),
side table, starfish wall hanging, and the wierd green thing
 in the basket.


  1. love this greenhouse arrangement. Its so fresh looking! I love the colors!
    I have a greenhouse like that but couldn't decide up till now what to do with it.

    1. Thank you! This color scheme is my personal favorite, but I'm looking forward to playing with different colors.

  2. Oh this is fabulous! You made it work for plants (as it was designed) and miniature. I could definitely see lounging there on a Sunday afternoon.

  3. Thank you much! I had fun working on it. I ran to IKEA when I saw it. I had to ask for it at the check out, because it wasn't on display, and they brought me the last one. Glad I saw it on your blog!

  4. Very nice...very well styled and arranged!

  5. Thanks! I've seen your work, so that means a lot coming from you.

  6. Very cool. I love all of the earthy elements. Gives it a naturally calm feeling. Just lovely!

  7. Thanx! I enjoyed looking at it, but now everything's back in the bowl. I wish I had room to keep them all!

  8. Love it all...credenza, pendant 'lamps', cushions and I adore the artwork
    *high five*

    1. This one was really fun and I didn't have to do much because every piece had it's own function.